We´re working on more songs for our upcoming album, and the work is going great. More ideas are starting to take shape and things are sounding great!

We´re also in the process of producing som Dreamstate merchandise! First up will be a shirt design with the Evolution single cover design and we´ll keep you posted on the progress and when the first batch will be up in our shop for ordering.

So keep your eyes out for more Dreamstate info in the near future!!

/Chris and Tomas


Those of you who like our new song Evolution can now view a video of Chris Rehn´s daughter Saga Rehn, 11 years old, performing the song and mimicing the official studio video recording of the song.

Enjoy :)


Evoution is climbing the Itunes topcharts fast, and is now, only a couple of hours later at number 3!


The song Evolution is now number 5 on the Itunes top charts!

The song You Learn by Takida is at number 1 and the singer of Takida, Robert Petterson and his soundtrack to the new Hamilton movie is at number 2


The song Evolution is now available on Itunes and spotify and several other digital music distributors over the world!.

Dreamstate - Evolution on Itunes

Dreamstate - Evolution on Spotify


The video from the studio session recording of the song "Evolution" is now released and available for you to watch below or in the "media" section of the site. The video was filmed during the recording of the song, and contains the full track for you to listen to.

Be sure to press the little "cogwheel" on the embedded Youtube player and change the playback quality to "1080P HD" to watch and listen to the song in full quality if your internet connection allows it :)



The studio session video from the recording of the song "Evolution" is now finished and will be available to watch here on the site within the next few days.

Hope you enjoy it :)

/Chris and Tomas


The single cover design and band logo is now done and can be viewed below. The cover design and graphics are done by Chris Rehn, and the logo design is made by Tomas Wallin.

/Chris and Tomas


The song "Evolution", which is the first official track from the new project Dreamstate, is finished and was played at the official press release with Rally car driver Ramona Karlsson, which was aired on swedish television.
The song will be officially released thru all available digital channels (Itunes, Spotify etc) at a later date which we of course will notify you of when it´s time.

An official video for the song is being discussed and might see the light of day some time later this spring if all goes well. But for now, those of you who are interested will shortly be able to see a studio session video recording of the song which was filmed during the recording of the song.

/Chris and Tomas


Elize has done an excellent job in the studio (as always :) the last couple of days and she´s finished her part of the vocals which turned out great!

Now all elements of the song are recorded and we will start mixing the track within the next couple of days as the day of the press conferance where the song will be played officially the first time is coming up.

Below are some pictures from Elize laying down her part of the vocals for the track. A studio session video of the recording of the song has also been recorded and will be released here on this site as soon as it´s finished.

/Chris and Tomas


The vocal recordings for the track "Evolution" is well on its way, and Tommy has been working hard in the studio laying down his part of the vocals for the song for the last couple of days, and today Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) is arriving to the Boxroom Studio to lay down her parts of the vocals for the song.

We´ll of course keep you updated on the progress. Below are some pictures from the recording of the vocals.

/Chris and Tomas



We´re putting down the last finishing touches on the lyrics and vocal melodies for the song before vocalists Tommy Levin and Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) arrives at the Boxroom Studio to lay down all the vocals on the song.

/Chris and Tomas


The song is beginning to take shape and we´re pretty much done with all guitars and keyboard arrangements at this stage except for a few minor adjustments that might take place depending on where we end up with the vocal melodies and lyrics for the song.

The client who ordered the song, Ramona Karlsson with her sponsors Mitsubishi and Höganäs, has a few "requests" on words and lines to be included in the song, which makes it a bit trickier to write the lyrics as we need to incorporate these requests of words and lines in to the lyrics. But we love challanges :)

/Chris and Tomas


We have been contacted by Ramona Karlsson, a swedish Rally car driver, and her team and sponsors Mitsubishi and Höganäs, with the request if we would be interested in writing and recording the official song for her 2012 world rally car championship effort!

We will start writing and recording the song within the next couple of days to see where we end up. We will keep you informed of the progress.

/Chris and Tomas


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